Saturday, 5 January 2013

QI Xmas Carols

Have you ever seen the TV  quiz show QI, with Stephen Fry in the Chair?  Our Christmas service  on 23rd December, written by Iestyn and others, drew inspiration from this. I certainly  learned some quirky as well as serious facts. Well done for producing something to entertain us,  and to  enhance our knowledge and appreciation of carols and traditions that we tend to take for granted.

It was great to see teenagers and young people taking part as  QI panel members and younger members of Junior church singing extracts from carols, by way of illustration, at various points.  The audio visuals -  notably the infectious laughter - added to the entertainment, and must  have taken hours to put together.

The 'production' was first prepared in 2010 but we were unable to see it then because of snowy weather.

So all the better that we could see it this year, and it was worth the wait!